Columbus, Ohio


Why is there a consult?
The consult is a visit in your home prior to any services. This allows you to become acquainted with our team and policies. This also allows us to meet your dog and see their routine. We pick up keys at this time, collect paperwork, and address any questions you may have about Le Pooch. The consult is always free.

What are my options for scheduling service with you?
You can call our office at 614-915-0527, email us at, or submit a request through the website contact form.

What is your cancellation/booking policy?
We ask that you give 24 hours notice if you are cancelling or booking. Less than 24 hours notice will result in a $10 fee.

What are your office hours?
Since we are a small pet sitting company, we do not have set office hours. Our time in the office varies depending on the pets we are watching that week. We are most easily reached by email ( If you are unable to reach us by phone, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

How does the weather influence services?
If the weather is dangerous, we may shorten your scheduled walk, but we will never shorten the visit. Our staff is trained to recognize the early warning signs of frostbite and heatstroke. We do walk in all weather, including rain and snow, as long as your dog is enjoying their time outside. If your pet is not tolerating the weather, we will always be sure to bring them inside for cuddles, brushing, and play. We do travel in snow emergencies when we are able to do so safely.

Do I need to provide keys to my house?
It is not mandatory that you provide keys, although it is highly recommended. We do ask for two copies of your key; your sitter retains one key and the other is kept in our office key safe in the event of an emergency.

How will you discipline my pet, if necessary?
Le Pooch practices positive reinforcement, and all of our walkers are well-versed on this method of behavior correction. The confrontational dominance or 'alpha human' way of training is a common misconception that leads to harsh practices and often failure.

Can I still be a client if my animal has a history of aggression?
We do our best to provide services to all dogs and do not discriminate by breed. We encourage all owners of dogs with human aggression to seek the help of a behaviorist before reaching out to any dog walking company. If you feel your pet has special needs, please let us know before the consult. Our staff has an array of experiences and strengths. We want to make sure we match you with the ideal walker/sitter for your pet.

What is your service area?
We provide services across Columbus. We do have $2-5 gas surcharges for less central locations. This money goes directly to the sitter to help reimburse them for time, gas, and daily wear on their car. This surcharge helps to ensure we can continue to provide services in all of central Ohio. To inquire about your address and any gas surcharge that may apply, please contact us.

Are you available on holidays?
Yes! Le Pooch is available every day of the year including holidays. We do add an additional $2-5 on visits scheduled on a city observed holiday.

Will the same sitter always visit my pets?
We do our best to assign one main sitter to one client. Occasionally, we need to assign two alternating sitters to a client based on scheduling. If you have a single sitter for your pet, we train a back-up sitter once you are a client. We will inform you when the back-up sitter will be attending visits with your primary sitter for training. Having a back-up or second sitter helps to create a seamless coverage in the event that your primary sitter is unable to complete the visit due to things such as illness, vacation, or emergencies. All of our walkers and sitters are trained as well as bonded and insured.

Do you have references?
We have many references and are more than happy to provide them on request.

Do you provide care for animals other than dogs?
While most of our clients are dogs, we also provide experienced service for cats, birds, reptiles, and a variety of small animals.

Do you have a daycare?
We do not provide daycare. We can provide daycare recommendations as well as transportation to and from many daycares around the city. We provide in-home dog walking, pet sitting, and maintenance grooming.

If I refer a friend, is there a bonus for me?
Absolutely! We love that you love Le Pooch! Once your referral books services with us, we will add a $15 credit to your account.