Le Pooch LLC is an in-home dog walking and pet sitting company providing services to central Ohio since 2010. We are a women-owned company and are fully staffed with dedicated employees. We offer our customers reliable and quality care for their pets. We are bonded and insured through Pet Sitters Associates and are happy to provide a free consultation to see if our services are the right fit for your pet care needs.


Amy - Co-owner
Full-time Pet Care Provider

Amy became one of the first employees in 2011 after graduating from CCAD. With her previous experience as a pet sitter growing up and as a doggy daycare attendant through college, she was the perfect fit. You can find her walking pups in German Village during the week. When she's not hanging out with her animal friends, she can be found gardening, training for her next race, or volunteering with the local babywearing group.

Mallory - Co-owner
Part-time Pet Care Provider

Mallory managed kitchens for many years, but when looking for something more fulfilling, she began walking dogs for Le Pooch on her day off. After leaving restaurants all together, Mallory was able to dedicate more time to pet care. Her animal and management experience helped make her the dedicated owner she is today, handling most of our office work with sidekick baby Sebastian.

Leia - Full-time Dog Walker

From an early age, Leia knew she wanted to work with animals. Leia has her veterinary assistant certification and is a practitioner of healing touch for animals. She is in the process of obtaining her vet technician certification. She lives in the Old North part of Columbus with her high school sweetheart (now husband), their two kids, and their own little pack of animals. She has worked full-time for Le Pooch since 2013.

Shannon - Full-time Pet Care Provider

Shannon joined the army right out of high school but always knew she wanted to do something with animals. She volunteered with the humane society in Georgia while enlisted and fostered dogs for a local rescue. She has lived in Columbus since 2014 and worked as a dog handler at a doggy daycare as well as a bather/groomer at a local grooming salon before settling into her position at Le Pooch. She lives near Easton with her husband, three pups, and a kitty.

Kali - Full-time Pet Care Provider

Kali lives in Reynoldsburg and has been an animal lover her whole life. She grew up showing Morgan horses and with at least 5 dogs at a time on her parents' 36 acre farm. Kali loves working with animals and has previous experience as a kennel attendant at a doggie salon while also taking care of her German Shepard, Oxley, and Yorki-Poo, Buckeye.

Lori - Full-time Pet Care Provider

Lori is a culinary school graduate. Although she has a background in cooking her main passion is knitting. She has run her own knitting business full time since 2017. She has always had a love for animals. Hanging out with and walking her own dogs, is one of her favorite forms of relaxation, not to mention the perfect way to stretch between knitting!

Abbey - Full-time Pet Care Provider

Abbey has spent her life handling and caring for animals. She joined Le Pooch in the beginning of 2019. Abbey has 7 years of experience in the pet care industry and has worked at several boarding and daycare facilities. When she isn't walking dogs, she is hanging out with her yellow Labrador, Buddy

Brooke - Part-time Pet Care Provider

Brooke has loved animals since the day she was born. With a background in dog training, she returned to the pet industry after working in a law office for several years. Brooke covers the west side including the Hilliard and Dublin area. You can find her adventures with sidekick, Vivienne, on her poodle's Instagram @viviethepoo

Marlowe - Part-time Pet Care Provider

Marlowe's entire bedroom from the age of 4 has been decorated in any and all things dogs and cats. While a visual merchandiser and fine artist by trade, most who meet Marlowe will identify her as an animal lover before anything else. She continually crosses her fingers behind her back when she promises her family no more animals and can often be sighted scooping stray cats out of trash cans, yelling "pull the car over I see a lost dog!", and rescuing abandoned litters of baby skunks from railroad tracks.

Tammy - Part-time Pet Care Provider

Tammy considered herself a cat person growing up and currently has two frisky felines. However, after volunteering at Capital Area Humane Society, sweet pit bull Gatsby walked into her life, and she has been a mixed household ever since! Tammy has been walking dogs in the Dublin and Upper Arlington areas since 2013. She also works full-time at MedVet. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, sleeping, spending time with family and friends, and adventuring with Gatsby. If you aren't following Gatsby on Instagram, you should be! @gatsby_gr8

Tera - Part-time Pet Care Provider

Tera is a part-time dog walker and pet sitter. She has over a decade of professional animal experience, working as both a groomer and a vet technician before coming to Le Pooch. Tera enjoys the flexibility and low stress environment of dog walking and can be found walking pups mainly around the Clintonville area.

Maddy - Part-time Pet Sitter

Maddy joined the Le Pooch team in 2012. Although she currently is attending graduate school in New York, she loves caring for her furry friends during the holidays when she is back in Columbus. She is a lover of all pets, big and small and is the proud mother of a chubby cat and a rambunctious Australian Shepherd puppy.

Dude - Office Manager
Quality Control Specialist

Dude has been perfecting his office skills since he was a kitten. At almost twelve years of age, he has mastered the art of lap sitting on his moms while they are working in the office. He enjoys relaxing on paperwork and head butting writing utensils while in use. He makes sure that our services are up to his top kitty standards by testing them regularly.


Dog Walking

Potty break - $15
15 minute dog walk - $18
30 minute dog walk - $24
45-60 minute dog walk - $30

Dog walks are available between the hours of 7 AM and 9 PM.

Pet Sitting

Dog sitting visits are priced the same as our dog walks. We ask that you schedule at least three visits on non departure/arrival days. We are available for visits anytime between the hours of 7 AM and 9 PM.

Overnight services are $150. We arrive around dinner and stay through the morning. We provide unlimited walks, playtime, and cuddling.

Standard cat sitting visits are $22 for 30 minutes. If you would like more or less time, let us know and we can give additional visit pricing.

If you have a small or unconventional animal, we are trained and can provide services for them as well! Inquire for pricing and additional details.

Grooming Services

We provide basic maintenance grooming, sanitary trims, one length cuts and shaves. We also provide a la carte services such as nail trims, anal gland expression, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning for $10-20 per service.

Dog Bath - Includes nail trim and blow dry if applicable. Starting at $40.

Dog Grooming - Includes bath, blow dry, nail trim, and ear cleaning, if applicable. Starting at $60.

Prices may vary based on your pet's size, individual needs, and temperament. We will always give you an exact price before beginning any grooming services.

Additional Services

Pet transportation (includes short walk before/after transport) $25

CUSTOMIZATION: We love you and your pets and are happy to help in any way. Rate $25/hour subject to ability. Booking must be 2 hours or more.


Can I meet my walker before starting services?

Absolutely! We always provide a free consult in your home prior to any services. This allows you to become acquainted with your walker and allows us to meet your dog and see their routine. At this time, we also pick up keys, collect paperwork, and address any questions you may have about Le Pooch.

What is your cancellation/booking policy?

We ask that you give 24 hours notice if you are cancelling or booking. Less than 24 hours notice will result in a $10 fee.

How does the weather influence services?

We walk in all weather, including rain and snow, as long as your dog is enjoying their time outside. If your pet is not tolerating the weather, we will always be sure to bring them inside for cuddles, brushing, and play for the remainder of the visit. We do travel in snow emergencies when we are able to do so safely.

How will you discipline my pet, if necessary?

Le Pooch practices positive reinforcement, and all of our walkers are well-versed on this method of behavior correction. The confrontational dominance or 'alpha human' way of training is a common misconception that leads to harsh practices and often failure.

Can I still be a client if my animal has a history of aggression?

We do our best to provide services to all dogs and do not discriminate by breed. If you feel your pet has a special need, please let us know before the consult so that we can pair you with an appropriate staff member.

What is your service area?

We provide services to all of Franklin county subject to staffing and availability.

Are you available on holidays?

Yes! Le Pooch is available every day of the year. We do add $5-10 per visit on major holidays.

Will the same sitter always visit my pets?

We do our best to assign one main sitter to one client. Occasionally, we need to assign two alternating sitters to a client based on scheduling. If you have a single sitter for your pet, we train a back-up sitter once you are a client. Having a back-up or second sitter helps to create a seamless coverage in the event that your primary sitter is unable to complete the visit due to things such as illness, vacation, or emergencies. All of our walkers and sitters are trained as well as bonded and insured.

Do you have references?

We have many references and are more than happy to provide them on request.

Do you have a daycare?

We do not provide daycare, but we can provide recommendations to alternate services if desired.